2022 Board Members

Vice President

Elaine Boyd



Rachel Solava



Katherine Bomboy


Program Coordinator

Jennifer Tribble


Membership Coordinator

Kelly Marett


Sponsorship Coordinator

Diane Scher


Communications Coordinator

Shalini Gupta


Hospitality Coordinator

Kim Vasut


Director at Large

Heather Hixon


Past Presidents

Renee Barker (2021)

Susannah Medley (2020)

Laura Moribe​ (2019)

Donna Thompson (2018)

Amy Geise (2017)

Terry Kevlin (2016)

Advisory Board

Laurel Creech
Karen Grubbs
Terry Kevlin
Susannah Medley
Laura Moribe
Jan Walters
Tiffany Wilmot

Testimonials from Our Board

Donna Thompson

"TWIG has a unique membership. I think it is pretty special to see young students and retirees in conversation about the same ideas and learning from each other. TWIG's focus on networking is special but the mission to provide women access to opportunities like USGBC events that they would not otherwise be able to attend is also noteworthy. And let's not forget the speakers that come monthly from across the country to inform and inspire on a diverse body of topics related to sustainability. You can't attend a meeting and not learn something!"

Laura Moribe

"Little did I know that attending a meeting on a cold January morning would open my eyes and expose me to such a warm and incredible community full of inspiring women! As I have continued my involvement, TWIG has helped me grow both personally and professionally through the opportunities it has provided me to hear others' personal and professional stories, connect with sustainability-minded women, attend some truly empowering events here in Nashville, and have fun while networking and learning! In just two years, TWIG has already made a huge impact on my life and I am so excited for what's to come with this incredible group!"

Shana Dellos

"Members and board members alike are impressive, open and friendly and unlike any other non-profit. After each speaker's presentation, you leave more knowledgeable, inspired, and engaged! I continue to learn about Metro Nashville, Middle TN, greenways, rivers, TN environmental challenges and achievements, local legislation, green building and design, and also get to directly hear women's stories of how they got into green. No two stories are the same, which is wonderful!"