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Welcome to TWIG's brand new book club! We are pleased to offer this book club to current TWIG members. The Iris is the Tennessee State Flower, and a fitting acronym for what we hope to read together!

What's so different about our book club? Each meeting we will meet and discuss what we've read AND we will pair a service activity to go along with each book to support a local non-profit or sustainability initiative in Tennessee! This activity will occur on the weekend after we meet.

Meetings are every other month with a rotating location. The book club is led by Renee Barker and Leah Sherry, and input from members is always appreciated.

Let's hear your feedback about our meetings and the next book club pick!


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Currently Reading

Inconspicuos Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don't Know You Have
by Tatiana Schlossberg
"If you're looking for something to cling to in what often feels like a hopeless conversation, Schlossberg's darkly humorous, knowledge-is-power, eyes-wide-open approach may be just the thing."--Vogue

By examining the unseen and unconscious environmental impacts in four areas-the Internet and technology, food, fashion, and fuel - Schlossberg helps readers better understand why climate change is such a complicated issue, and how it connects all of us: How streaming a movie on Netflix in New York burns coal in Virginia; how eating a hamburger in California might contribute to pollution in the Gulf of Mexico; how buying an inexpensive cashmere sweater in Chicago expands the Mongolian desert; how destroying forests from North Carolina is necessary to generate electricity in England.

Meeting date: April 28
Time: 6pm

Location: Virtual Meeting - wherever you are via Google Hangout!

We only have a month's time so we are tackling this a little differently. This book focuses on 4 key areas -- pick whichever one you would like to read and share your thoughts with the group when we meet! We will hear everyone's perspective of the topic coverage along with questions or ideas to discuss. Technology, Food, Fashion, or Fuel - reader's choice!

As added incentive (even though we know you don't need one), if you RSVP at least one week ahead of the meeting date of Tuesday April 28, you will receive a little treat in the mail from IRISES!

next activity details

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities!

You can still volunteer your time remotely from your computer!
For our stay-at-home service activity, we invite you to explore your yard with one or both of these citizen science opportunities. Take photos of you in action and we will share them on our socials and at our April 28 meeting!

1: Flowering Dogwoods Cloned Plants Project
Participate in a regional campaign for National Phenology Network to help researchers answer key questions, get info-rich emails with localized results, and an end of season summary. They need help identifying characteristics of dogwood trees. If you have one of these nearby, sign up to input information about your flowering tree!

2. iNaturalist in your backyard!
iNaturalist is a hub run by the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society. Get outside and make some observations from your own backyard! Plants, insects, birds, and more can be photographed and tagged with a pin. If you have identification skills, they also need help with the millions of nature observations submitted. Even the first step of information is helpful for posts with zero tags -- identifying whether a photo is of a plant or animal!


For more ideas, see How to Help Scientists Without Leaving Home.

Looking back...

September 2018


Book: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Service Activity: National Public Lands Day at Old Stone Fort State Park

pet community center.jpg

November 2018


Book: Reason for Hope by Jane Goodall

Service Activity: Pet Community Center in East Nashville


January 2019


Book: The Lamentations of Zeno by Ilija Trojanow

Service Activity: Warner Parks Winter Birding: cleaning and citizen science bird count


March 2019


Book: Garbology by Edward Humes

Service Activity: Pickup for a Pint with Turnip Green Creative Reuse and Jackalope Brewery


June 2019


Book: Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker

Service Activity: Helping at Glencliff High School Garden, a teaching and learning hub for volunteers, students, and community partners! The garden serves as a vibrant resource for students and volunteers to grow gardening skills, learn about healthy eating choices and gain an understanding of food access in our community, as well as create an effective learning environment for students at Glencliff.


August 2019


Book: The Fate of Food by Amanda Little

Service Activity: Assisting with meal prep tasks at The Nashville Food Project's commercial kitchen. Their mission is bringing people together to grow, cook and share nourishing food, with the goals of cultivating community and alleviating hunger in our city.

October 2019


Book: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Service Activity: Unfortunately the service event was canceled due to weather

March 2020

Book: Women Who Run With The Wolves

Service Activity: Weed Wrangle with The Nashville Zoo!

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