• To support women seeking to expand their skills, knowledge, and experience through continuing education opportunities.

  • To increase access to continued education for TWIG members without the means to otherwise attend.

  • Attract and welcome new faces to TWIG, especially those representing underserved populations, professions, communities, and strategic partners working in these communities.

  • Expand participation in the TWIG network by providing a platform that facilitates connections between a diversity of people to share their knowledge, perspectives, and passion.

  • Invest in individuals who are positioned to advance the mission of TWIG.


Qualifying undertakings include course study in environmental science and environmental sustainability; attendance at sustainability conferences, summits, seminars, and retreats; and other activities deemed worthy by the Board of Directors.



  • Must not be a member of the Board of Directors of TWIG

  • Should demonstrate a valid and reasonable need for the grant

  • Should demonstrate a personal or professional background or goal that merits receipt of the grant

  • Should demonstrate a strong commitment to advancing environmental sustainability through engagement over the long term.

  • Must be a Tennessee resident or enrolled in a Tennessee educational program

  • Must be a TWIG member in good standing (no unpaid dues)

Please fill out ALL fields in this application and send to
Applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of proposed payment due date.


We are happy to offer grants in 2020 to empower women who share
our vision of advancing environmental sustainability.


Dwell on Design 2018 conference

"What an amazing time! It was just what I needed while starting my business for a kick of inspiration."

— Anna Caro, TWIG Member since 2015